Thursday, 17 January 2013

Hi guys!


So at the moment i'm spending most of my spare time working on a different blog, leaving this one on the back-burner...

Here's the link to the other (less serious) blog:

Also, if you want to contact me, about either might be an idea to contact me using the email adress given on the other blog! I will reply to emails sent to the 'ijb graphics' email, but not as quickly as i'll respond to those written to:

Thank you

Iain jb

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Analysing artworks.

Please follow this link to see an article I have just written, it is a step by step guide of how to write about artworks. 
Please send to you friends if you find it helpful. I rely purely on word of mouth to get my stuff out there.

10 minute posters exercise - Logo Make-up - Graphic Design - Photoshop/Illustrator - 2011

Playing around with the make-up of logos to create posters each made in 10 minutes. 
Part of the 'What are we looking at?' initiative. 

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

'Statue of...Oh' - Photography/Photo Manipulation - 11/06/2011

Statue of...Oh.
Photo Manipulation of the statue of liberty without some  important elements.
This piece aims to question what we see as iconic and what it is we recognise. 

'Negative space box' - Ceramics - 21/04/2011

Negative Box - When looking into it is the negative spaces that become apparent. This is especially effective when displayed using strong lights. 

'Music Matters' logo design - 06/07/2011

My logo design for a potential Music reviewing website.
This is the first draft of the logo, refinements and some revisions will be made on a later date.